Friday, September 7, 2012

Instant Kesar Badam Kulfi with Bambino's Badam Milk Mix

I got 3 mini packets of Bambino's Badam mix to have a go at the flavor. I emptied one packet for one cup of milk, added a spoon of sugar as suggested and had a sip. It was overly sweet and hence I handed over the cup to the huss. Even he was not satisfied with the flavor and since then the packets have been lying with no one to touch it. With no intention of throwing away the packets, I thought of making instant kulfi out of them and it disappeared the same day. I would not recommend this but in case you are lazy at times like me and have guests at the house then you can try this.

Makes - 3
~*What U Need*~
Milk - 2 cups
Milkmaid - 2 tbsp
Fresh cream - 4 tbsps
Bambino Badam Milk Mix - 2 packets

How I Made it:
Boil milk till it reduces to half the quantity(1cup). Keep stirring. Add condensed milk and mix till it dissolves. Add the badam milk mix and stir well.

After it cools, add the fresh cream and mix well. Pour it into kulfi moulds and freeze. It will take 6-7 hours to set. To un-mould, show it under running water for a few seconds.

Yummy creamy and instant badam kulfi ready. See how the huss has licked off the drops from the bowl.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. Wow! looks delicious! would love to try this!

  2. Wow,looks superb,will surely try this.

  3. I never tried making kulfi at home, this is sounds good.

  4. wow .. will try it looks quick method..

  5. WOW love this kulfi...

  6. Delicious kulfi love this kind of sweets.

  7. Nice idea for a quick dessert...

  8. Looks so yummy.. Thanks for sharing simple method

  9. Wow simply superb!!

  10. Mmmm....loks real good. Would be perfect for a hot day.

  11. It looks so good. I make my badam kulfi from scratch. check out my recipe

  12. What an idea ! Love it. Looks delicious.

  13. I love the instant part :) ... Looks delicious!

  14. I have tried making Kulfi only once and it did taste gr8...yours is tempting me to try again...I love that kulfi holder/stick :-)

    Thanks a lot for visitng my space. Hope to see you more often :-)


  15. awesome looking Kulfi! gr8 recipe! :)

  16. Tempting Kulfi !!

    Inviting you to join my on-going event Onam Sadhya ~ The Grand Feast


  17. This looks super eazy to make. I had done the traditional one which takes a lotvoftime. Urs is amazing.

  18. Very nice blog..Now, it is very easy to prepare Badam drink at home by using Bambino instant Badam drink mix.

  19. Thanks for sharing a tasty and healthy recipe. I have used Bambino Instant badam drink mix for preparing badam drinks for my kids. This product was a delicious taste and it is very easy to prepare. Just mix the content of one sachet with milk and serve chilled. It can also be used to make sweets like Halwa, Payasam, Burfi, Kulfi, etc.


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