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Hi there. Thats me, Vimitha, the cook, photographer and the editor(-in-chief) of My Culinary Trial Room. The huss who jumps in most of the times has become a part too by serving as the guinea pig and content-reviewer...

Working as a Software Engineer in a prestigious company, Cooking become my passionate passtime after my marriage. I started trying out new recipes to impress my huss at the start. I started to blog to pen down the tried and tasted recipes.
Now cooking interwined with blogging has become my passtime.

Me in short. Look below...
* Harry Potter* * The DaVinci Code* Tulips* Black Forest Cake* Star Gazing* UFO* Heart Shaped Ballons* Red Roses* Teddies* Barbies* Ferrero Rocher* Snickers* Perk* Pizza* Vivekananda Rock* Long Rain walks* Melody* Walking alone under the full moon lit sky by the beach* Déjà vu* Staring at the sea* Hot Chocolate on a rainy day* Long bike rides* Go Karting* Blogging* Baking* Pink* The name "Vijay"* Friends* Greenery* Hutch Pug* S.PB and Chitra* A.R.R Music* Calvin n Hobbes* Tom n Jerry* Swat Kats* The Adventures of Johny Quest* SRK-Rani-Kajol* Dreams* Amazon Forest* Smell of earth after the first shower* Snowy Kashmir* Mystery* Full Moon* Coffee* Work*  Roller Coaster* Gaming* Mom's Lap* Father's Hug* Brother's love* Pandas* San Deigo Zoo* Lord Krishna* Love* *MockTails * 7 Wonders* Swiss Alps* Pyramids* Brendan Fraser* And finally "Hakuna Matata " & "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna"*

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