Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mango Squash & Home Made Mango Cooler

Its been a long time since I had any store bought juice / soft drinks. There were times when I used to pick a 1.5 litre pack of frooti whenever I went grocery shopping. I was such a fan of that drink. But then pregnancy set in and I was forbid from having any sodas/coolers and gradually I started detesting them. Courtesy... articles telling flies and pesticides found in all these drinks. Thanks to 'A' he has also joined me and together we have sent the habit flying out of the windows. And now thanks to blogging I have come across quite many 'preserve' posts and that led me to me making homemade mango squash.

Home-made fresh mango squash with no added preservatives...

When I handed over a glass of the cooler to the huss, he gave me a stare and asked me when I got Frooti from the market. So when I explained him that it was homemade, he was taken back and came over for another glass. The squash lasted only for 3 days in our case and hence I am not sure of the shelf life of the small batch.

A glass of homemade mango cooler

This is a very handy preserve when you get surprise visitors. Also you can use this as topping for ur ice-creams / cakes / fruit salad / anything that needs a fruity topping as I did in my Mango Choco-Chunk Cake(recipe coming soon).
Since I made this in a small quantity, I skipped adding the preservative and replaced the citric acid with lemon juice. But if you need to make a big batch, hop over to Nit's Mango Mood.

~*What U Need*~
Mango pulp - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - 1.5 cup
Lemon juice - 1 tsp

How I made it:
Peel and chop mangoes. Blend it into a smooth mixture.
Add the sugar, lemon juice and water in a pan and heat until the sugar dissolves and you see bubbles coming up.
Bring the sugar syrup to room temperature and then mix the mango pulp with this until you get an even and smooth mixture.
Now pour the squash into an air-tight container and refrigerate until use.
Homemade Mango squash is ready.

To serve, fill 1/3rd of the serving glass with mango squash and remaining with water. Combine well and serve chilled topped with ice cubes.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. Very nice Vimitha! Simple yet healthy alternative to all those toxic drinks which turn your bones into mush. Great one!

  2. wow looks yum Vimitha, I want ripe mangoes now :-( miss them in London

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  3. wow this is simple n good .. i love mango drinks.. btw the season has jus ended.. let me bookmark n try it ..

  4. Delicious homemade mango squash vimitha.

  5. How tempting to look at squash. I wish I could come up to your level soon. Till then would bookmark it as my To Do List recipe.

  6. Slurp...Yummy drink...How long can this be refrigerated..

  7. A real thirst quencher..want a glass of it now!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. I love Frooti too just like u :) But my childhood doctor always asked me to avoid this drink coz I catch cold the minute I drink it :( So stopped drinking right from my school days but I love the very sight of the pack!! Now after your post definitely am going to prepare it at home :) Thanks for sharing Vimitha :)

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  9. Slurppp!! Love mangoes!!

  10. wow yummy cooler,lovely clicks vimitha...

  11. Its been a while i havent prepared squash at home, they are really handy and nothing will beat this homemade squash na..Lovely cooler too.

  12. Love to try mango juice.. Mango squash looks mouthwatering !

  13. growing up, this used to be my favorite..if anyone remembered Rasna! can't wait to try this at home.

  14. very delicious n refreshing drink...

  15. Even my mom make this homemade squash! the lazy me just grab some when i go back:-)Looks soo refreshing and inviting!

  16. Refreshing, I have made murabba this time, but have bookmarked this recipe

  17. thanks for sharing it dear.. this one would be everyone's fav :)

  18. Yummm and refreshing cooler!!!

  19. lovely squash...My Favorite fruit...

  20. This is also my fav drink. Lookd inviting. Nice clicks.


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