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Frozen Blueberries | How to freeze blueberries

"When life gives you blueberries, freeze them". Atleast thats what I do. I like freezing my own fruits and vegetables. I have some frozen cherries, raspberries and loads of blueberries right now in my fridge. And I freeze more berries as and when I can. They are handy, totally. I use them in my smoothies instead of ice cubes and it gives a whole new texture and flavor to the drink. And ofcourse in cakes, not to forget them.

Freezing your own berries or fruits or vegetable is easy and damn cheaper too. All you need to watch for is the season. And when its there, grab those berries and chuck them in the freezer. Off seasonal fruits are so expensive and the frozen ones have all those uncalled preservatives added. So why not try freezing your own fruits. The procedure is so simple and easy too.

To use these homemade frozen berries, all you need to do is grab them from the freezer bag and add it to your recipe. You don't need to thaw them cos they will start bleeding as they come to room temperature which you would never want in your cake batter.

~*What U Need*~
Blueberries - as needed
A colander
Kitchen towel
A cookie sheet
Freezer safe bags or containers

How I did it:
Wash blueberries and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel. Remove any damaged berries.

Pour the blueberries onto a cookie sheet in a single layer. This will keep them from freezing together in clumps. Place the tray in the coldest part of your freezer, and leave it there until the berries are completely frozen. Transfer the frozen blueberries to a freezer safe bag and place it in the freezer.

Use in smoothies, cakes or waffles!!!

So thats it Folks...
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  1. Helpful post sis and I will try this for grapes here

  2. Awesome one!!! I always buy frozen berries.. i'll do that on my own from now :)

  3. Thanks a lot for showing us how to freeze blueberries. Would try out the same with grapes as well.

  4. useful post vimi .def frozen fruits comes in handy for cakes to muffins n smooothies.

  5. useful post Vimi.. frozen fruits are so handy

  6. Thats wonderful to make our frozen fruits by ourselves na, i do the same way too..

  7. I also freeze my berries and other fruits. that cake looks good. when will you post the recipe?

  8. Good idea of freezing the berries on a tray.

  9. a very informative post vimitha.. thanks for sharing bless you


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