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Strawberry Oatmeal | Oats Recipes

I love the strawberry Quaker oats. Strawberry oatmeal with a dollop of cream - oh yummmm, its my favorite go-to breakfast when I am out of time. I am so not-health-conscious at times and I go to such heights that I even have cream in my coffee. As I said I love strawberry Quaker oats and I stack my pantry with packets of these. Recently I got a 1 kg packet of Quaker oats just because it was on a discount price and there was days to the expiry date. And I picked it up with the pretext that I would make oatmeal every other day ~ a routine that I will stick to, to bump up my health quotient.

Day 1: The day went as per plan, two tall glasses of oatmeal sans the sugar with a pinch of salt and pepper and a quarter cup of plain yogurt to taste. A filling healthy breakfast.
Day 2: Why don't we have cornflakes today??? A nod and a villainous smile from the mom is what I get. Ignore kar, ignore kar was what I did.
Day 3: No asking, made some Semiya uppma to start the day. Even the thought of drinking a bland, tasteless oatmeal and that too to kick start the day gave me the chills.
Day 4: What the hell!!! Am gonna eat something tasty and yummy and so in went some pistas, almonds, walnuts, a big squeeze of Hershey's chocolate syrup into my favorite cereal bowl and Kellogg's was what I had.

And then I had a revelation, "I could never have oatmeal continuous unless it is flavored differently every single day". And that is what this and every other oats post that I am going to publish is about. A quest to find new oats recipes, to flavor and jazz up the otherwise bland cereal so that I can add them in my everyday diet. This time I flavored it with some in-season strawberries and am never gonna get the Quaker pack again. Its fruity, yummy and the just melted chocolate chips that I topped it with completed the oatmeal perfectly.

~*What U Need*~
Quick Cooking Oats - 1 cup
Strawberries - 1/4 cup, chopped
Water - 2 cups
Milk - 1 cup
Brown sugar or sugar - 3 tbsp
Chocolate chips - as needed
Nuts - as needed

How I Made it:
Puree the strawberries and strain to remove seeds. Heat milk and water in a saucepan. Once boiled add the oats and cook till done.

Add sugar and stir till completely dissolved. Remove from heat and then add the strawberry puree. Mix well. Pour into serving bowls and top with nuts and chocolate chips when hot.

Serve hot or warm!!!

** My Notes:
** You could use almond or soy milk for a vegan version
** Add pieces of strawberry to make a chunky version
** Some toasted almonds will add a great crunch.
** Add the chocolate chips when the oatmeal is hot, this will make the chips to melt.
** This amount of strawberry was perfect for me but increase as per taste. This quantity gives a mild berry flavor.
** You could add nutella too.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. ரொம்ப விதியாசமாக செய்து அசத்தி இருக்கிங்க... சூப்பர்

  2. Healthy one nice way to include oats in diet....

  3. Hey this looks to be a healthy and flavourful version of oatmeal.

    - Raksha
    Raksha's Kitchen

  4. Nice idea Vimita. like to have it as a drink instead of porridge.

  5. very innovative idea vimitha.. will try this..

  6. Delicious and mouthwatering oatmeal.

  7. Delicious, healthy breakfast so yumm with strawberry.

  8. Lovely! Oats, banana, walnuts and milk make a delicious breakfast.

  9. Lovely! Oats, banana, walnuts and milk make a delicious breakfast.

  10. i am not a oats person, but am sure my 18 month old will love this...thank u vimi, am sure i will try this for my little one.

  11. very delicious n healthy way to include oats with berries...thanks for sharing!

  12. A nice innovative recipe and great way of eating oats

  13. Wow! Strawberry flavoured oatmeal-Sounds delicious!!

  14. oatmeal with real strawberry pulp sounds good!...yum!

  15. Delicious looking oat meal...Loved this idea..

  16. great idea to have the plain oats...looks very rich n creamy Vimi...

  17. healthy and innovative recipe.

  18. very much delicious.. will give this a try.. hope my son likes it too.. :)

  19. Have to try this one for my daughter...sounds good

  20. Love this strawberry oats for my breaksfast. Nice one.

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  22. Healthy and yummy, and I love the baby pink color, so inviting..

  23. You switched from the pre-sweetened packets to the plain quick-cooking oats, if I understand correctly? I've tried the packets and they're too sweet for me. But love to doctor up plain oats like you suggested. I'll have to try the Strawberry Oatmeal, your way.

    1. Yes Kathy, you got it rite. :) Its the same that you said. Now am just looking for recipes to jazz up the regular oats

  24. Recipe with a variety!! Loved this healthy & tasty oatmeal :)


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