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No-bake Nutty Dates Chocolate Balls / Laddoos | Healthy in every bite

Next in series is this easy peesy Dates laddoos which I made for Diwali. I wanted to add something healthy to the sweet gifts that I gave out to neighbors and friends and thats when I tried this healthy no-cook, no-bake and fuss-free recipe. It has no specific recipe and you can be as creative as you can, adding stuff as you go about the process and all you need is only your blender. How cool is that. And by creative, I say chuck in anything that you think would give some flavor like some tutti frutti or dark chocolate chips (when you knead)... Why not try adding some roasted, salted peanuts... worth a try na??? And wat more... you can get ideas from your kids and you will love spending time with them in the kitchen.. oh they give you the bizzarest of the bizarre combination. (come on, don't worry about the cleaning part, enjoying quality time is what matters.)

It was a winner with the seniors and they loved the fact that it had no sugar added to it... A couple of whizzes in the blender and you have a winner recipe.
This is not a festive recipe but can be made anytime... Chill them and cut them into bars and you have a perfect energy bar to boost up your day. A laddoo in your kid's daily snack dubba and you have no worries that your kids are not having their quintessential daily nutrients. Tweak the recipe as per your needs, as per the nutrients you want to incorporate.

~*What U Need*~
Pitted Dates - 1/2 cup
Walnuts - 8 to 10
Drinking chocolate - 1 tbsp
Digestive biscuits - 2
Dessicated coconut - to roll

How I Made it:
Add dates into your blender and run till chopped coarsely. Add the drinking chocolate and give it a pulse. Next add the walnuts and run the blender till you get a coarse but well blended mixture.

Remove into a wide bowl. Chop the digestive biscuits, add this to the dates mixture and knead till incorporated. Pinch small balls, roll them between your palms, and then in dessicated coconut or cocoa powder.

Chill and serve.

** My Notes:
** You can skip the cocoa powder and replace it with dessicated coconut.
** You can replace the walnuts with nuts of your choice.
** You can also the toast the nuts to add an extra crunch.
** You can roll them in cocoa powder or chopped nuts too.
** You can also dip them in melted chocolate. Kids will love it.

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  1. Vimi..enna ma ithu ipedi tempt paneringge???

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  3. I made this and it's in my draft. I added more nuts and other ingredients but no sugar. lovely dish.

  4. This sounds so easy and do-able, Vimitha. Hope you had a wonderful Diwali.

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  6. very healthy and delicious balls.

  7. Sweet and tempting ladoos..healthy too.

  8. They look awesome, should have tasted so too..

  9. Sounds tasty, Vimitha, and easy to make. I love dates and chocolate. It's another winner!

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    Prathima Rao
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  19. Hi Vimitha, love this chocolate balls. Very delicious and combination look good.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.


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