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Granola Bars | Any-time Crunchie Munchies

I haven’t tried store brought granola bars till date mainly because I am not happy with the picture covers or I am not sure on the taste of the combination of flavors. To me oats has to made into porridge, cornflakes has to be had with milk and honey has to be licked off the bottle. So it all drills down to me not buying granola bars.

When I came across this Granola bars recipe @ Sharmis passions, I had this tempting urge to make some mainly because I was in control of the recipe and secondly it seemed so simple and her pictures where so tempting… I halved her recipe as this was my first time but I am totally in love with the bars that I will be calling the original recipe next time.

Recipe adapted from Sharmis Passions
~*What U Need*~
Quick cooking oats – ½ cup
Cornflakes – 1/8 cup
Honey – ¼ cup
Butter – ½ tbsp
Sugar – ½ tbsp
Water – ½ tbsp
Vanilla essence – ¼ tsp (optional)

Nuts & Dry Fruits:
Almonds – 3 chopped finely
Walnut – 1 tbsp of broken pieces
Golden, black raisins and Dates – 1/8 cup

The combined volume of almonds, walnuts, golden and black raisins and dates should be ¼ cup

How I Made It:
Dry roast oats, cornflakes, nuts and dry fruits in a pan separately until a nutty flavor comes out. The oats should start browning slightly. Set aside
Add butter in a pan and heat till it melts. Add honey, sugar, vanilla essence and water and heat till the mixture starts bubbling up.
Now add the roasted oats, cornflakes and nuts mixture and combine well until the honey mixture evenly coats the oats-cornflakes-nuts mixture.
Keep a butter paper ready. Spread the mixture using a spoon to ¼ or ½ inch or desired thickness. Trim the sides to form a square or rectangle. Cover it with another butter paper and press them down gently.
Allow to cool for 5mins and then cut into bars. Store them in airtight container.

Serve with a cup of milk or as an any-time Crunchie Munchie !!! I am serving this as a breakfast energy bar along with a cup of milk & banana / oats porridge.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!! Have a great weekend !

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  1. even i am waiting to try this.. it has come out very well.. njoy.

  2. so healthy n yummy bars...i am yet to makee this :)so perfectly done!!!

  3. What a healthy n yummy way to start ur day:-) Looks perfect

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  8. Woww.. looks absolutely perfect and tempting.. delicious :)
    Indian Cuisine

  9. im too not a big fan of store-bought granola..but this looks absolutely tempting..

    i tried once with sugar and they became rock hard..all i had was a big rock of granola..since its honey now,probably its chewy n soft...gotta try with honey...

  10. Fabulous and so perfect looking bars dear..I have yet to try this!Your recipe sounds great..

  11. Those granola bars look so nutritious and great!

  12. I always prefer homemade granola bars, as I don't like the aftertaste the store bought ones have ~ you have done a fab job here, they look super perfect!
    Us Masala

  13. These look perfect..yummy crunchy...

  14. Looks delicious and perfect.. Healthy too..

  15. healthy bars, any time crunchies for sure..homemade ones look absolutely great!!

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    thanks for sharing

  17. I can feel the crunchiness just by looking at them vimitha. Wonderful job.


  18. Life got a lil busy and I am missing some posts of yours.. will catch up soon dear :) These bars looks lovely .. i too should make it instead of buying .

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  20. They look so crunchy & tempting!!!!
    Prathima Rao
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  24. These have come out very nice....Vimitha I added new comment box on my blog and so sometimes struggle to find everybody's blog address..Thank God you left your blog url and that way I was heree..

  25. Wow just seeing this...glad u tried and liked it...its my fav too :)

  26. I like crispy Food it delish YUMMY!!!


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