Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Veggie 'n' Egg Mixed Fried Rice

My hubby is the best when it comes to make last-minute hasty decisions. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the scorching sun in Chennai is stopping us from making any afternoon plans. Be it to a film or an eat-out plan, we always do it in the evenings. But last Sunday our will overpowered our decisions and we decided to have lunch out.

At around 11, we started to get ready when sweetpie huss went to the balcony, had a glance, came in and declared “The sun rays are overpowering. Why don’t you make a simple meal and we will have DINNER out. I will help you in the kitchen. Tell me if you want anything to be done” He sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. “OMG, pls don’t tell me that you are serious. What do you expect me to make in just an hour’s time?” This was I. Blaring on top of my lungs for 5 mins, I knew that this was the decision. I had some cooked leftover basmati rice in my fridge. So made this simple and yummy fried rice packed with flavors in less than half an hour and some Baked Masala Potato Wedges (which will be my next post). But Mr. A I am still angry on you!!! Hmmmpppfff.

~*What U Need*~
Carrot – 1
Beans – 4

Fresh peas – ¼ cup

Onions(Medium) – 2

Ginger Garlic paste – ¼ tsp

Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp
Soy Sauce – 1 tsp

Green Chilli sauce – 1 ½ tsp

Salt – to taste

Pepper – to taste
Egg - 2

Oil – 2 tbsps

Cooked & Flavored basmati Rice – 1 ½ cup

How I Made:
Flavored basmati rice
Wash and soak the basmati rice for 15 mins.
Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a tawa. Add 1 cardamom, 2 cloves and ½ inch cinnamon and sauté till fried.
Add the rice and dry roast for 3-4 mins.
Now add water in 1:2 (rice:water) ratio and cook the rice. If you feel that there is excess water, drain it. For me, this quantity worked well.

Allow it to cool.

Mixed Fried Rice
Chop the onions finely and julienne the carrot and beans.

Heat oil in tawa and add onions and sauté till golden brown.

When done, add the sauces (Tomato, soy and green chilli) and fry.

Add in the carrot, beans and fresh peas and fry till half cooked.
Meanwhile, in a pan, heat some oil and scramble the eggs.
When the veggies have cooked, add salt and pepper to taste. The pepper should be a wee-bit overpowering.
When done, add the cooked rice and scrambled egg and toss.

Serve hot with raitha or any chips.

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  1. simple and easy.. Will try this soon. Lovely clicks.

  2. so simple yet delicious !! I too make this regularly for our lunch box meal !!

  3. simple and tasty rice...

  4. Very delicious and colorful looking fried rice!

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Yummy fried rice....same is the case at our house too...:)

  6. Woww.. looks yum.. delicious :D

  7. Easy to make n always delish ~ looks perfect!
    US Masala

  8. I m a great fan of fried rice..looks yummy n delicious..


  9. Feel like finishing that bowl, delicious and inviting..

  10. love it! quick and easy ! Thanks to your husband's last minute change of decision otherwise this yummy fried rice would never have been created :)

  11. delicious one pot meal, love to try when i am in hurry

  12. Fried rice looks very delicious, tasty and tempting.Wonderful presentation.

  13. looks perfect! i make this a lot fo rmy son.. i finish half of it though!

  14. In the given situation my menu would be same. :)
    Simply satisfying meal.

  15. wow... Mouthwatering clicks...Thanks for sharing...

  16. Quick & yummy fried rice...Perfect for an instant & satisfying meal :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner


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