Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blue Curacao jelly with China Grass

Hi guys, I am now at the moment in my native, hanging around my paternal home, running about like a free bird alongside my cutie dog, eating loads of tasty yummy Mommy preparations, playing cards with my dad and enjoying every bit of this day with him.
Gifts given, hugs and kisses everywhere I am happy to see a broad grin in my dad's face... Hope you enjoyed the day with loads of smiles and tons of love...

Oh Thats me, dad and bhaiyya in our early years... Where's mommy!!! Oh she must be off cooking paal payasam for the day :) ;)

I drafted this post when dad came here last month for their monthly seeing-their-daughter vacation but saved it for this day and have scheduled it due to my native travel...

When I first tried making jelly with china grass, believe me it was a disaster. It was semi-runny and we had to literally drink it. Ever since, the packet of China grass remains untouched. When I was in school, my father used to make jelly for me using China grass during the summer season. He used to tell that it is good for health, cools your body down. So I have been waiting for him to come to Chennai to try this again under his supervision and wahrewah it turned out perfect... I enjoyed making this with him and it was just like old days when I was his little helper. Only that the vice versa happened, dad became my helper. I just loved the moment. This is for you dad... Muaaahhhh!!!

I am totally in love with Blue curacao these days and just find ways to incorporate the syrup in any recipes. When I saw the jelly in Nits blog, I knew that it would be a hit.
We just loved the flavor along with the melt-in-d-mouth texture of the jelly.
What is Blue curacao?
Blue curacao is a citric syrup which contains sweet lime and orange. Synthetic color and additional flavoring is also added.To be honest, it is not natural, but adding this to mocktails and making something interesting out of this can be done at times.

~What U Need~
China Grass - 12 g
Water - 3 1/2 cups
Sugar - 8-10 tbsp
Blue Curacao Syrup - 5 tbsp

You may use the above measurements or go as per the instructions printed on the package. These measurements were printed in my packet.

How I made it
Tear the china grass into bits.
Heat the water, add the sugar and china grass bits and mix well. Keep the flame low.
Keep mixing in low flame till the china grass has melted and combined with the water.
Remove from flame and add in the blue curacao syrup.
Cool it to slightly above room temperature. Donot allow to form lumps.
Stir the mixture in regular intervals.

Pour it into the jelly mold and refrigerate for 4-6 hours / till firm in the edges and slightly wobbly in the center.
Scoop out and serve. You can add a scoop pf ice cream on top and serve.

Adjust the amount of water depending on the desired consistency of the jelly

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  1. happy Father's Day...this Jelly color is so cooool..and you have done a great job vimitha...

  2. great ..u r enjoying this special day with your parents..
    have fun n enjoyyyyy..
    blue jelly sounds absolutely yummmmmmmm..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Happy Father's day to you. the custard looks simply mouthwatering.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. that jelly looks sooooo beautiful... Happy fathers day to ur dad.... Glad u r with him on this day...

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  7. so beautiful and amazing jelly !! happy father's day !!

  8. Happy Father's day!
    I loved the color n shape of the jelly very much :)
    US Masala

  9. Happy father's day and the jelly looks awesome.

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely Father's day! The jelly is definitely impressive!

  11. Love the color of your jelly...My daughter will love this...

  12. Happy Fathers Day..

    Love the colors...Looks so tempting...

  13. That looks like such refreshing dish.

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  15. Jelly looks very pretty Vimi. I bet it tasted great too. Hope you are having a ball of a time at your native :)

  16. jelly looks really amazing..........

  17. nice colorful jelly to celebrate the wonderful father's day :)

  18. Wow, love the color of the jelly..looks really cool and delicious..surely a delightful treat for the kids..

  19. Blue dessert! Always my favorite color for cooling dessert!

  20. have good time with ur family Vimithaa :)


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