Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quickie intro...

Hi peeps, Its been a long time since I wanted to be regular at one of my fav hobbies "Blogging". I had many a times created a blog profile in many blog sites but was unable to keep it alive. Everytime made a owe that I will blog everyday... But as time progressed understood that blogging everyday would be a question mark for me. So thats why decided to come up with a new strategy... * Blog in the weekends * Sounds manageable na... yep... So here I am dusting up my blog (which had been dormant for say 1 year now)... So lets see  how its gonna turn out...
Thats it... Finished with my start up and my first successful blog for this weekend. :)

Oh ya sorry to tell what you can find in this post...
*My personal experiences* May serve as a weekend diary session* Culinary Experiments* Snaps from my mobile/cam* Book /Film reviews* So on.

You may see me as
The Scribbler - When I jot down my experiences
The Reader - When iReview books/films
The Chef In me - When i put down my culinary posts. :)

So please hold on till the next weekend... Till then tada...


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