Friday, February 4, 2011

A doubt... OTG / Microwave

Hi friends,
So wondering what this post is about. I have a big question about baking and to who else can i post this to other than you guys...

So moving on to the question...
I have been baking cakes till date. But they dont turn out to be soft at all. I bake using a microwave oven. But then I came across an article that mentioned that cakes come out best from an OTG (Oven Toast Grill).
I am planning to get one. Please advise if I can go ahead. Also let me know if an OTG is best for baking. Or am doing anything wrong when am baking in a microwave.

Thanks dearies in advance...

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  1. hi there sending u two links-

  2. I have heard from my friends that baking a cake in microwave oven turns out equally good. But according to me OTG is best for baking because the heat is evenly distrubuted and high which is read for baking.

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  4. I would definitely advise a toaster oven for cakes. Microwaves don't create a crust like a toaster will. I have done both.

  5. I've been using Microwave Oven from Morphy Richards and recently bought an OTG. For baking purposes I would recommend using OTG. I've tried both and got better results in OTG compared to oven. You should try both and decide for yourself.


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