Friday, May 30, 2014

Eggless Vanilla icecream with Peanut Butter swirl

Temperatures have started rising here and I have started increasing fruits and water intake for the family. Since its the season of watermelons and sweet melons here, we never forget to pick one whenever we go grocery shopping. And then there are lemonades and sweet lassis. But at times that craving for frozen treats hits you in the face. Generally after having a hearty meal of chicken biryani. Ever since I made the strawberry icecream, the huss has been demanding homemade icecreams. Since he is a big time fan of peanut butter, I added a peanut butter swirl to the vanilla icecream after the last churn.

~*What U Need*~
Half and half - 1 cup
Whole milk - 1 1/2 cups
Whipped cream topping like cool whip - 1/2 cup
Confectioner's sugar - 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
Peanut butter - 1/4 cup

How I made it:
Combine all ingredients together, mixing well to dissolve the sugar. Pour into a freezer safe bowl and freeze for one hour. Remove and whisk well till all the icecrystals are broken. Repeat every hour for 3 times. When ready to freeze overnight, add the peanut butter in chunks here and there and then freeze overnight.

Serve as desired!!!

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. bad we need chilled items for summer . Loved the cups

  2. delicious. I too have got the ice cream bug but unfortunately cannot get fresh cream or greek yogurt. Got to find a solution to use my newly bought ice cream maker :)

  3. Am not a big fan of peanut butter though the vanilla in it is making me drool here :) fantastic combo and ice cream looks yumm !!

  4. Ice Cream looks super delish...I love peanut butter & I'm going to love this....

  5. this looks super good on a hot day , i loved the first click. thanks for sharing dear

  6. what is half and half? where do you get it? which brand?

  7. creamy n delicious ,yummy!!

  8. Yummy and delicious ice cream.
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