Friday, February 7, 2014

Mushroom Spinach Quesadillas

The past two weeks have been pretty emotional and exhausting for me. I have not been cooking that much and dinner mostly consisted of takeouts or 2-min quesadillas with a glass of milk. Pappu is not feeling well and with him being sick and gloomy, the whole house followed pursuit. Its been sleepless nights and restless days with the thermometer always being a part of me, checking on him every half an hour if his body temperature is sky-rocketing. Poor liitle baby is all tired and he never parts me, always winding up half-asleep on my lap. Its been just fluids and rasam saadam and kanjee and highly diluted milk. We have been having the same to give him company. My bunny keeps mumbling 'pizza', how I wish I could fast forward the present.

I made this quesadilla because I felt tired, because I wanted to give something fiber-rich to my system and because I could only spare 5 mins of my precious time by the stove. Pappu was fast asleep after having his 6-hours once dosage of paracetamol and I stole away from him so that I could make something filling. It took me just mins to put them together and another 2 mins to gobble them up and by the 10th min I was there by my champ. You could make them all the more healthy by using multi-grain tortillas.

~*What U Need*~
Mushrooms - 1 cup, sliced
Baby Spinach - 1 cup, cleaned
Salt, Pepper - to season
Garlic powder - 1/4 tsp
Butter - 1 tsp

Cheddar cheese - 1/2 cup or cheese of choice
Tortillas - 2

How I Made it:
Heat butter in a tawa and add the sliced mushrooms in it. Season with salt and garlic and saute till it leaves water and done. Wilt the spinach to desired doneness.

Meanwhile, arrange cheese on one side of the tortilla. Place the cooked mushrooms on top of this followed by the spinach. Top with more cheese and place this on a clean grill pan or non stick pan and cook each side till nicely toasted.

Serve hot!!!

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. Hope your son feels better now. I know how it feels when kids are not well and quesadilla look yumm addition of spinach makes it fiber rich.

  2. Sorry to hear that Ari is not feeling well...its all bcoz of the bad weather...take care vimi, hope he feel better soon..same here the kids are just recovering...TC
    That's one filling and delicious quesadilla...

  3. Oh...that's a tough time, take care of him as well as you! Nice n healthy recipe!

  4. Quasadillas look so delicious and fulfilling. Excellent preparation.

  5. hope you son feels better soon.. very quick and delicious quesadilla , very healthy one !!

  6. They look healthy and delicious! Hope lil one feels better soon.

  7. tasty mushroom with spinach

  8. Hope he will get better soon.delicious quesadillas

  9. Not to worry he will be oke by this time :D and yes when u running out of time :D this quesadillas thats a beautiful filling with mushroom and spinach

  10. Loved the healthy filling. looks delicious.

  11. Thats a lovely filling quesadillas....Season is so bad that kids are really in to trouble..Tc of him.

  12. yummy yum, looks crunchy , tkcr of the little one, mine is down with severe cold now!!!

  13. Hope your son gets well soon. Nice quesadillas.

  14. Looks yum and Kids would love this.

  15. Hope he is feeling better now... at home both my kids are down with fever, the house does become sleepy when they are not well...

  16. Hope your son gets well soon! It's never nice when children are sick. Your quesadillas looks good.

  17. Spinach and mushrooms are such wonderful friends that their combination is a superbly yum. The quesadillas look perfect and so delicious.

  18. Hope your son feels better now. My kids love to eat quesadillas.

  19. hope your son is doing good! :) Wish him a speedy recovery! :)
    These quesadillas look too good vimitha! :)

  20. Just a lovely and yummy bites :) healthy best to give to your kids :)


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