Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spiced Mascarpone Cheese ~ A dip and a Sandwich

Trying out different sandwiches has become like an obsession to me these days. What else do we need other than a satisfying look and a cheerful smile from the loved ones. And when you get a loving hug for the food you made, you will be literally over the moon. The gift for a cook is the happiness that he witnesses when his food is served around the table.
All women put in their heart and soul when they cook for their huss. They say "The Best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and it holds true in every household. It needn't be a feast but even a simple cheese sandwich will make him grin. I realised this when I made this sandwich for the huss and when I got the broadest grin ever.
Since I had made only a small batch of mascarpone cheese, I was not able to use it to make tiramisu so utilised it to make a spread which could be used as a dip also.

~*What U Need*~
Mascarpone Cheese - 3 tbsp
Chilli flakes - 1 tsp
Oregano - 1/2 tsp
Pepper - to taste
Salt - to taste

Wheat/White bread slices - 2
Ghee/Oil - to toast

How I Made it:
Mix together mascarpone cheese, chilli flakes and oregano till silky and smooth. Season with salt and pepper. Spread this on a slice of bread and close with another bread slice. Toast the sandwich till brown on both sides.

Serve with a cup of hot milk or you can also serve this spread as a dip for nachos or chips or baked tortilla chips.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. yumm; home made cheese gets a spicy makeover- good one vimitha

  2. tempting awesome with a wonderful presentation.

  3. very nice. anything with cheese is so addictive, isn't it? :D

  4. How clever to use that cheese for sandwich....the sandwich looks yummy :-)

  5. love cheese sandwiches.. nice twist :)

  6. super duper...u made the cheese and makeover the other dish using the home made cheese..awesome

  7. super duper idea girl.... good going.....

  8. Very creative recipe. The sandwiches look really tempting, no wonder your husband loved them. :) I never thought of this myself. This is an excellent way to use leftover mascarpone also. Last time I bought mascarpone, I had to throw some away.

  9. this looks simple and yumm too.....nice pics...

  10. Superb idea dear..looks so tempting,home made is the best.

  11. That sounds so good ! mascarpone cheese can't go wrong

  12. That is awesome! Loved the yummy recipe!!

  13. Superb spread, even kids wud love this, delicious dear..

  14. Lovely guilt free one!!

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  15. Delicious spread.. I'm just drooling.. :)

  16. yummy spread!........nice way to use up the mascarpone.

  17. You are definitely the Sandwich Queen ;) Never tried mascarpone with spice...interesting!

    Chef Al dente On going event: Gimme GREEN!

  18. I must try this yummy sure it will a hit at home..

  19. Very simple n delicious sandwich..looks nice

  20. Hi Vimitha
    Thanks for stopping by dear. You too have a nice space here. Glad to follow you.
    Super yummy sandwiches. Mouthwatering here :)

  21. So yummy! Love the spices you'd used...


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