Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bread Omelette Sandwich with Black Olives

College days are etched in everyone's memories as the happiest moments in life. I am no less. I still remember, cherish and laugh at the good old times we had. Friends have become Aunties to each others' kids much to the wrath of the so called "Aunties". What a change of events. Girls who had a carefree life with little thought about future and marriage, have now matured handling family problems and more than that have become mothers. Those who were kids by heart are now mothers.

I still remember the days when we finished our classes and walked as a gang towards the college canteen to take down the entire place with our laughter. Times are there when the pack has been shooed away by the canteen people.
Our funds were low but we didn't care. What were&are friends for. Ur money is my money, ur food is my food.. this was our policy. Can you tell me any place where you get a bread omelette for 5rs and a masal dosa for 7rs? Yes, we got it in our canteen and 10 ppl would have a hearty lunch at a cost of 50rs. I can talk, talk for hours about my friends, college, canteen, even about the pavement and stories and combined studies we shared there. So let me stop here.
So what does the whole blah-blah got to do with a sandwich post. I was inspired to try bread omelette this way from the ones available in my college canteen. They usually place the bread slices on top of the half-done egg so that they stick together. I tried their technique and it came out too well.

~*What U Need*~
White / Wheat bread slices - 2
Egg - 1
Onion - 1(small)
Green chilli - 1
Black olives(pitted) - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste

How I Made it:
Chop the onions, and chilli finely. Mix with egg, olives and salt. Whisk together.
Heat a tawa, add few drops of oil and pour the egg mixture on to this. When cooked around 75%, place two slices of bread as shown below.

After 2 mins, flip it over. Flip again so that one bread slice tops the other. Cover and toast till evenly brown on both sides.

Serve with ketchup.

Sending this to Ramya's ABC Series: Egg recipes.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. Wow, interesting way of doing the bread omelette sandwich, thanks for sharing dear, from your previous post, are U on the way to motherhood, if so Congrats dear and take care..

  2. Mouthwatering and fulfilling sandwiches.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Adding olives sounds interesting...Yummy breakfast..

  4. nostalgic .... vimi its yummy and mouthwatering..planning to have it for breakfast

  5. That's a healthy sandwich !! loved the idea of adding olives !!

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  6. Toast looks so yum!!Healthy morning Break fast.

  7. very interesting breakfast, should try this out..:)

    Join me for the Just "4" Fun event :)

  8. Looks light and yummy!! Definitely make this once for my family!

  9. Though it's a yummy sandwich,the way you have presented makes it reallllly worth it ! Cheers Vimitha.

  10. Indha vaaram sandwich vaaram pola vimitha.. good ones.. using olives..

  11. wow..simple and delicious breakfast... :)

  12. took me back to college days...and really my mouths watering.... :)

  13. Bread omlette sandwich is my fav.It looks yummy.

  14. I love the add of olives....delicious sandwich!

  15. Wow....that's interesting..loved the addition of olives:-)

  16. perfect and healthy sandwich....luvd the addition of olives

  17. I prepare this sandwich often. Love it.

  18. Nice Lovely write up Vimitha! I too have such ever green memories- Nostalgic !
    Interesting Sandwich...will try this for sure..thanks for sharing!
    Spicy Treats
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  19. This post makes me feel nostalgic. Miss college days. And this is a filling sandwich

  20. Wow....that's an yum sandwich recipe...

  21. I'm always at a loss when it comes to quick and easy breakfast recipes..........will try this out. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to follow you.

  22. I wish life was always carefree like our good old college days! Miss all those assessment posponing, the girls-boys war and all those stuff Vimi!!

  23. yummy sandwich for breakfast. loved the addition of olives. i have an EGG event running. would you like to join?

  24. Very interesting recipe with the addition of olives! I feel like tasting it now!!
    Ongoing-''Valentine's Day Event''(till Feb 20th)

  25. Thanks for linking these beautiful ones; I'm super-excited and happy. :)


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