Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peanut Buttery 'n' Cheesy Club Sandwich

I know this post sounds awkward and this is an unusual combination but I made this for my picky-eater. He is one who loves to buy and try on new additions available in the super market shelves. One such was the SUNDROP PEANUT BUTTER. He was adamant to get one as soon as he set eyes on the bottle. His victory statement was “Look, it shows zero trans fat. I will have it only once in a week”. Got it after loads of fuss and now it rests peacefully in my kitchen shelf with no one to even touch it… Now if I run behind him with a peanut butter sandwich in my hand, he shoos me away…. GRRRRRRR!!! All he prefers is his masala cheese sandwich…

So with no other option to clean the bottle, I had to club both the ingredients and he had no other option than to eat it cos he was not ready to miss his cheese. I know that mothers face such problem with their kiddoos and many would opt to club their favorite items with the disliked foods. This is one such recipe. I had a bite out of the sandwich and to tell the truth, I liked the combination and so did A !!! Mission accomplished !!!

~*What U Need*~
Bread Slices(Wheat / Normal) – 3
Peanut Butter(Crunchy) – 2 tbsp
Britannia Cheese (Masala Mania) – 1 cube
Oil / Ghee – few drops

How I Made it:
Spread the peanut butter on one side of the slice. Top it with another bread slice. Cut the cheese cube into chunks and spread this on the second bread slice evenly. Close this with the another bread slice. Heat oil in a tawa. When hot, place the club sandwich with the cheese side facing down on the tawa and close it with a lid. After 4-5 mins, you will see the cheese melting and bread getting toasted. Once evenly browned, turn it upside down and toast it for another 3 mins with the lid on.
Remove from the tawa and serve immediately. A glass of milk will complete ur breakfast.

Incorporating ghee will give a nice aroma.
You can replace the cheese with Butter / Jam.
I used the Crunchy version of Peanut butter. You can substitute it with Creamy.

Want to know abt the Health Benefits of Peanut Butter... Read on...
* At least five major studies confirm that eating peanuts can lower risk for coronary heart disease.Peanut butter contains fairly high quantities of dietary fiber which again helps in regulating both blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
* Dietary fiber has also been shown to significantly reduce the risk of colo-rectal cancer and atherosclerosis.
* Proteins are present in high amounts (about 24% in weight), together with very important micro-nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and large amounts of beneficial minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium.
* Vitamin E is one of the most powerful liposoluble antioxidants, shown to significantly reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases; Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin) is a water-soluble vitamin that aids in the recovery of cell DNA damage (thus protecting from cancer) and in improving sexual bodily functions by assuring the proper secretion of sexual hormones.
* The minerals peanut butter contains are in variable amount (raw peanut butter with crushed skin contains much higher amounts than refined "nut-only" butter): iron is essential for the correct functioning of your red blood cells, while calcium promotes healthy bones and shields against muscle spasms.
* Although not among the richest foods in potassium, peanut butter still contains fairly good amounts of it, and research has indicated that diets rich in potassium reduce the risk of hypertension.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. love it bread is nicely toasted and love peanut butter in this

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  4. This is a perfect match actually! Love the combination and It's great as breakfast!

  5. Really nice recipe. Absolutely mouth-watering!! Have you got anything left for me?

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    Hamaree Rasoi

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  9. Wow, what a great idea, I'm all about mixing up flavors and wacky creations, I would eat this in a heartbeat!

  10. Delicious sandwich easy to make and tasty too.

  11. Wow, what a great trick to get lil ones to eat a healthy sandwich! Definitely going to try this!

  12. I faced the same situation too. I got a bottle of PB and we never liked it in sandwiches. I then tried these cookies http://divya-dilse.blogspot.com/2009/07/peanut-butter-cookies.html and we liked it a lot. They taste very much like the Good day biscuits. I now buy PB especially to make these cookies :)

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  16. haahaa! the story is just opposite here! My hubby loves peanut butter and its his regular side for bread! :)

  17. my kid would love to have this as she likes peanut butter

  18. Super combo... i believe the spiced cheese gives the kick to the pb... so good..

  19. Liked the way you made the sandwich. Perfect for breakfast.


  20. Thanks so much for your kind support Vimitha! I love having you over at my blog and love the kind words you have for me :) Hugs dear!Love you and your wonderfully delicious space here !

  21. So innovative !! Superb sandwich !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Appetizers

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    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

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