Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chocolate coated Cornflakes and An award I would never forget!

Now this is a very simple recipe. Damn simple that even your kiddo can do it under your surveillance. You would have caught a glimpse of these in my 4-in-1 chocolate cup cakes. This can be used as a kids-evening-snack or can be used for decorating or as a munch-on snack or as a shoot-up energy source. Shoot-up energy source!!! That sounds ridiculous rite. Come on guys, u have chocolate in it. Wat else do you need to boost up your energy. For me even the word chocolate makes me jumpy on my feet.

I got this idea when I had some extra melted chocolate and luckily when my eyes fell on the cornflakes jar both at the same time.
Indulging in a handful of crunchy chocolate-y snack from time to time without any guilt is needy at times for all-the-time-on-the-toes beings like me.

~*What U Need*~
Any flavored cornflakes - a handful
Melted milk / dark chocolate - 1/4 cup
Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp

How I Made it:
Melt the chocolate bar using double boiler method / microwave at high @ intervals of 15 secs.
Pour this in a wide heat resistant bowl. Immediately add in the cornflakes and with a spatula gently fold in so that the cornflakes are fully / semi coated. Spread this in a butter paper and chill for 1 hr / till the chocolate solidifies.
Gently scrap from the butter paper and use for decorating or store in an air-tight container in the fridge to be used later.

My Notes:
U can use milk or dark chocolate. However I preferred the milk chocolate the most as it was sweet and went well with crunchiness of the cornflakes.
I have come across recipes in which this mixture is dropped as balls / truffle like. You can go for that too.
Drop the dipped cornflakes into clusters, cool it. Melt some white chocolate in a double boiler, put it in a zip-lock bag and pipe this in a zigzag motion on top of the clusters, sprinkle some colored sugar balls and viola!!! U have Chocolate-cornflaky truffles in hand.
Now that you have different flavors of cornflakes coming out, experiment with them. I have been eyeing the strawberry one for a long time. Would love the color and taste as well.

Now to the award. This is not "just another award" but a very special one from my blog friend Laxmi. When Laxmi commented on one of my posts telling that I have an award waiting @ her space, little did I know that she had made my day. I went to her space expecting another lovely blog award but to my surprise she had written, composed and made an award for individual bloggers. I was awed by the pain and time she had put in to make special awards for each of us. She had given me the "Innovative blogger award" and had written some beautiful words on my blog. Thanks a lot Laxmi. U rock dear!!! *Hugs to U*
I am really happy to have made some sweet friends thro' blogging. Thanks u guys...

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

These were the sweet words that she had put up for me!

Check out her blog SamayalDiary for some yummy recipes!

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. i do the same with leftover melted choc. My daughter loves to munch on these..

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  3. Lovely idea dear...a sure hit with kids & chocolate lovers like me..:)

  4. This is super dooper I say :) Love the idea :)

  5. Hey .. so creative ..

    Just check dear, I had been following you . See the name Nupur Mehra coming up in your google connect..

  6. Loved the melted chocolate coated corn flakes pics. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Chocolaty n yummy ~ kids will definitely love this!
    Congrats on your sweet n well deserved award!

  8. Sweet treat to kids..surely kids will love it!An apt award too,congrats dear..

  9. Feel like munching some, kid's friendly and addictive cornflakes..

  10. Very nice idea and a quickie too,loved it absolute.Congratulations on ur award.

  11. wow..this is a nice idea..will try this today for our evening munch :)
    congratz on ur well deserved award n this recipe is one such example...great !!!
    Don't worry vimitha was so touched to read your comment on my post ...definitely ur prayers will be answered n soon the kutty thavalum krishnar will come to your home :)
    next Janmashtami will be very special for u :) I will pray for u n ur good healthy..Believe in God, He never leaves u...

  12. chocolate coated cornflakes looks delicious. Love it.

  13. Wow..so tempting recipe...

    Congrats on your awards...

  14. this is great idea!! i will do with my left over genache ...

  15. Congrats on the award...Luv the Choco Corn flakes idea

  16. Almost instant treat and congrats on ur award dear...

  17. What an innovative idea...My kiddo will be jumping on his feet after eating this...

  18. wow i tried this once...so i know how the taste will be...ur turned out perfect.

  19. Interesting recipe.. looks super delicious :)
    Indian Cuisine

  20. That's a wonderful idea...perfect for my kid

  21. congrats on ur award. very interesting and tempting one.a treat for kids

  22. So innovative and sounds delicious.

  23. Looks soo tempting, and yumm...cant wait 2 try it out for my lil one...thnx 4sharing...enjoy..tc..:)

  24. these look yummy..I love everything chocolates so this shall be bookmarked!

  25. It will be hard to stop nibbling these treats...

  26. Corn flakes are commonly in baking in Australia, like Honey Joys and Afghan cookies. Congratz on the award!

  27. nice treats for the kids and for the kids in adults (gee) and hey the award is indeed well deserved !

  28. I love everything chocolate & who dosent. Looks super yummy. Bookmarked.

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