Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy Sambar Saadam / Bisibelebath

Sambar saadam is u, me and everyone’s comfort food. A yummy one pot meal which combines the unique flavor of sambar and the goodness of veggies. I just love the way the rice melts in the mouth and when combined with ghee it is just awesome. I prefer making this semi-runny, semi-solid delicacy rather than the rice + sambar combination these days. Try adding some ghee to the rice when having it and you will totally love the texture and taste. Penning down more words will only lead me to brag about the yumminess of this heavenly one pot meal and so I am off to the recipe...

Serves - 2
Cooking time - 10 mins
Preparation Time - 15 mins

What U Need:
Raw Rice - 1 cups
Toor dal / Sambar Paruppu - 3/4 cup
Tamarind - Marble-sized ball
Chopped vegetables - 1 to 1.5 cups
Shallots - 6
Tomato - 1(medium)
Green chillies - 1
Sambar powder - 3 tsp
Hing powder - a generous pinch
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Chopped coriander leaves - 2 tbsp

To Temper:
Oil - 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Shallots - 4
Dried Red Chilly - 1(large)
Fenugreek seeds - few

My Cup of veggies
French beans - 4
Carrot - 1
Radish - 1 Potato - 1(medium)
Peas - a handful
Drumstick - 1
Capsicum - half of medium sized
Cucumber - 1/4 of medium sized
Brinjal -1(medium)
Snake gourd - 1/4 of medium sized

Slice the shallots from the tempering section thinly. Clean and chop the vegetables into chunks. You can use the vegetables you have in hand. Clean the toor dhal and rice.
Add 1 cup of warm water to the tamarind and extract juice by discarding the pulp.
How I Made it:
Heat oil for tempering in the pressure cooker and add the mustard seeds and allow to splutter.
Add the curry leaves and fry.
Split the red chilly into two and then add this to the tempered oil. When black add the fenugreek seeds and sliced shallots and fry till the onions brown.
To this add the hing, green chilly, turmeric and sambar powder and tamarind water and mix well for 10 seconds.
Add the chopped veggies and fry for 2 mins.
Then add in the toor dhal and rice and sufficient water. For 1 cup of rice, I use 2 cups of water (1:2 ratio) and for dhal, I use 1 cup of water. So in total I need 3 cups of water. Already 1 cup has gone in the tamarind juice so I added an extra 2 1/2 cups of water. Extra 1/2 cup as I wanted my rice to be more moist.
Cook for 3 whistles. Wait till pressure leaves and then remove the whistle and stir it well.

Drizzle ghee over and serve hot with vadagam / chips / any fried side dish. We had it with Crispy fried Cauliflower and we loved the combo.

Though the process looks long and has more ingredients, making this is really easy.. Its just chop!!fry!!cook!! And a yummy one pot meal is ready!!!

I use the regular rice but you can also try with ponni or basmati

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  6. @ Reshmi,
    Yes dear.. I changed as per all ur comments... Hope you find my blog easy to read now... Thanks for ur lovely suggestions.

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