Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choco Chikku / Sapodilla Milkshake

Choco Chikku is one famous fresh juice that I often have in my office. They serve it in a beer mug-like glass and having one just fills your tummy and chases away your hunger. I usually opt for this milkshake with a boiled egg sandwich to complete my lunch whenever I miss taking home-made lunch. A simple but complete lunch.
Again its chikku season here and all the sapodillas of this season taste sweet, honey-like and heavenly. I got a whole 1 kg of chikku when I went grocery shopping this time... All the fruits started ripening on the same day and I thought of replicating my favorite office drink.I divided the juice into 2 batches and to one part added some chocolate flavored Whey powder which was served as Mr.A's after-exercise health drink.

~*What U Need*~
Chikku / Sapotta / Sapodilla - 4
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup - 2 tbsp
Milk - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Chocolate wafer sticks - 2
Chocolate Whey Powder - 2 heaped tbsp
Chocolate ice cream - 1 scoop (optional)

How I Made it
Peel the skin of the chikku and de-seed the fruits. Cut into pieces.

Blend together the chikku pieces, choco syrup, coffee powder, milk, water and sugar till combined well.

Garnish with extra chocolate sauce and wafer sticks. Scoop on top a dollop of ice-cream and serve. I skipped the ice-cream :(

Chikku Health Drink
Mix the whey powder with the milkshake and serve as an after-exercise drink.

Note:Adjust the sugar as per the fruit's taste. The ones that I used were so sweet and so 2 tbsp of sugar was sufficient for me.

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  1. hey...i too tried chiku choco shake..except choco whey powder...looks so delicious ...mine is in draft only :) nice presentation...

  2. I don't like chikku....but this recipe looks awesome...hv to try it...may b I will like it...if yes then the credit surely goes to you...

  3. First time here.....you have a very interesting space....glad to follow you...Chiku is my favorite fruit....Nice recipe and nice clicks

  4. yummy shake...I loved the presentation very much...

  5. Delicious chickoo shake, missing them here a lot.

  6. wow this looks very delicious!!!!!!!
    nice one vimitha bookmarking it!!!!

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    Event-Healthy Snacks

  7. Chikku is one fruit which I miss here. Looks delicious with the choco syrup :)

  8. It's been quite sometime since I tried chikkus. This shake looks yummy creamy delicious.

  9. adding hersheys syrup in this sounds yummy.Best way to make the kids eat sappotas

  10. Wonderful, yummy and tempting chiku milkshake. Lovely presentation.

  11. I don't think I ever have seen or tasted chikku before...the drink looks great!

  12. Nice twist to the regular sapota shake..must b yumm

  13. Chikkoo and choc, amazing combo,loved the drink.

  14. Chikku is one of my favorite fruits...and this is a welcome change from the regualar sapota milkshake...like the way you've presented it

  15. Hi Vimitha,

    Visiting your blog for the first time. Great to know that you are also from chennai. Your sapotaa recipe looks easy to prepare and chilled my eyes. Love it.I too tasted the shake what is available in Office Canteen. Though they add milk, it would be very thick and stomach filling.


  16. WOW!! Love the creativity!! Wonder how it tastes! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Looks very delicious..lovely presentation..Refreshing shake!!

  18. this looks lovely! sapota and chocolate is a wonderful combo

  19. Its been long since I had this fruit and it is one of my favorite..and that milkshake looks really yummy..

  20. That's wonderful stuff you've written up here. Been searching for it all around. Great blog
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