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Thengai-Palam-Puttu | Kerala Cuisine | Step by step Recipe

Though Tamilians also make Puttu or Steamed Rice cylinders, the Thengai-Puttu-Palam-Pappadam combination is a an authentic and famous Keralite cuisine. Click here to read the Wikipedia explanation. Do read it. It was nice and I liked the description they have given.

This is one of my favorite combination and when mom serves this she gives us a wholesome meal with boiled green gram added to this. So it becomes Thengai-Puttu-Palam-Pappadam-Avicha pachai payirru and we totally love this fivesome.

Oh god!!! I am drooling now… *sad*. Though mom makes this, her little-chef who wakes up only at 7am in the morning usually does not find the time and patience to make the entire list “early in the morning" though I love to eat them. So I usually drill down the menu to Thengai-Palam-Puttu...

~*What U Need*~
Coarsely ground red rice flour / puttu arisi – 1 ½ cups
Salt – ¼ tsp

Water – as needed

Grated coconut – 1 cup
Sugar – to serve

Chendoluvan / Red bananas
Cavendish banana/Pachai Palam – to serve

Papads – to serve

Green gram – 1 cup

How I made it
Add salt to the rice flour and mix well.
Now sprinkle water and mix well rubbing in between the hands to incorporate the water into the flour and preventing lump formation.

Repeat this process till the flour gets a consistency where it retains the shape without breaking or crack formation as shown below.

Take the puttu kolal and wipe it dry.
Put the disc on the bottom. Sprinkle some grated coconut on top of the disc.

Add the rice flour till half-filled.

Sprinkle some more grated coconut. Repeat this process till the utensil is full.

Finish off with a layer of grated coconut.

Steam this till the puttu is done (You will see steam coming out of the holes in the kolal ~approx 10-15 minutes in medium flame)
Fry the pappads in oil. Boil the green grams with a pinch of salt (#3 whistles in pressure cooker). Drain water.
Push out the steamed puttu.

Serve with Sugar, Banana, boiled green grams, and pappadams. Cherish the combination!!!

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  1. Never tasted this winning combo yet,nice pictorial!

  2. Vow, it's really very authentic recipe of andhra too, I am searching this from so many days, thanx for sharing. We call it as ragi sankati.

  3. Tasty and fulfilling puttu. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. I'm so fascinated about this dish but have never made it at home as yet. Your recipe is tempting me to attempt it :)

  5. delicious puttu...very nice pictorial...perfectly done!!!

  6. Looks delicious Vimi. Havent heard of this combo. Amma usually adds sugar or jaggery while steaming the puttu itself.

  7. very new to me !! looks so delicious and nice recipe !!

  8. this is really new to me!!!looks yummy!!!
    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  9. delicious puttu dear, i like the combo too..great explanations..

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  10. U have no idea how much I love puttu ( not sure if i spelled it correctly) Long long back i used to stay in a PG and the owner aunty used to make this for me every weekend and i fell in love with it. But i just don't know how to make it. Thanks for sharing dear .. i am going to try this.

  11. Love the step by step illustration :) lovely recipe! Thanks dear!

  12. Thanks for sharing with us...Amma used to make it r so tempting...

  13. Puttu is one of my favorites..thenga, pazham and puttu is an excellent combination

  14. This fav, authentic recipe is very well explained vimitha :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  15. Love this Puttu. Nice explanation for beginners. My son's fav too.

  16. thats a wonderful way to start a day. sounds nice

  17. A classic recipe ~ you explained it really well with your pictorials!
    US Masala

  18. I haven't tried my hands on puttu yet, your picture makes me crave for it right now...

    Please trail back to me at my new junction part II -, for the latest updates.

  19. Please trail back to me at my new junction part II -, for the latest updates.

  20. Puttu looks yummy, tasty and tempting.Perfect for breakfast.Wonderful presentation.

  21. Haven't make this wonderful recipe,luks delicious.

  22. wow so perfectly made hv tasted when i was in kerala its yumm

  23. Yummy, that looks and sounds so good! Love the step by step pics, really helpful :)

  24. Very yummy n authentic recipe!!!! Just awesome...

  25. You nailed it Vimitha - this's Malayali's favorite breafast dish. Though I prefer to have puttu with kadala or green gram. Your pictorials are so useful for beginners. Great job!

  26. Love coconuty recipes! This looks really tasty.

  27. wowee- u made puttu; please send me a plate with kadala curry- i love ur preparation vimitha

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