Friday, May 13, 2011

Watermelon Cooler and a few tips | Summer Special

The sun is scorching here. Step into it and you will find lot of shops selling cut watermelons everywhere. Imagine the cool watermelon passing through ur mouth into ur tummy for this heat. You can even trace back its pathway in ur hot body. That is what I have been doing for the past week.

With Agni natchathiram started, the temperature in Chennai is soaring day by day. I just cant imagine how it is gonna be by mid / end of May. Probably we ll have to reside in ice baths.

A few tips to beat the heat.
* Wear coolers when you go in the sun.
* Apply sunscreen lotion regularly.
* Drink tons of water.
* Exercise a lot.

* Avoid spicy items.

* Have lots of buttermilk.

* Cover ur body when you drive.
* Wear loose cotton cloths and avoid black.

* I would suggest have loads of water melons, muskmelons and any eatables that cool ur body.

~*What U Need*~
Watermelon - 15 chunks
Sugar - 1 tbsp

Ice cubes - 5

Lemon juice - few drops

How I Made it:
De-seed the watermelon chunks
Blend all the above ingredients in a blender and refrigerate.

Serve chill.

Stay Cool!!! Stay Healthy!!! Happy Weekend to all !!!

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  1. Perfect drink for hot sun...nice info....

  2. Refreshing drink...perfect summer cooler..thanks for sharing tips to beat the summer :)

  3. I want finish that refreshing cooler,prefect for hot weather..

  4. Nice tips and refreshing juice...Thanks for sharing...

  5. Wat a coooooool refresher for summer...lovely color n thanx for the information...
    Hot still raining...breezy n windy:(. namma ooru namma oorudhaan:) missing a lot!!!

  6. Perfect drink for summer....nice clicks..

  7. wht a refreshing color and drink. loved the salt on top.. nicely done..

  8. I always enjoy watermelon as a fruit or juice .. and this is looking nice.

  9. I made a watermelon drink last year for my family and it was a huge hit, so I know that yours is wonderfully refreshing. I am sorry you are wilting in the heat.

  10. Looking good dear. Love the pictures.


  11. that looks so refreshing! And nice tips for facing the hot summer

  12. Oooo... What a refreshing drink!

  13. Such a Thirst Quencher.. Love the rim of the glass.. nicely done :)

  14. My fav summer cooler. I can have that glass in a gulp!!


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