Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its raining awards...

Yayyyyyy I am in cloud nine friends. True to the heading of my post, it is raining awards in my blog... Three wonderful bloggers Deepa Praveen of Now serving, Harika of Harika's kitchen and Sojo of My Culinary Experiments were kind enough to remember me and pass on many lovely awards to me. Thanks dearies...

Deepa and Sojo shared with me "One Lovely blog award"... Thanks again dears...

I have shared a lot of One Lovely Blog Award to specific persons here at my blog and so this time I dedicate this to all my fellow bloggers... Everyone deserves this lovely blog award. Please feel free to pick up this award.

Harika shared me a series of awards... Thanks a lot dear...

As the final award says, I have to share 7 facts about me.
1. I love music and so I love my iPod... A gift from my sweetu bhaiyya and one which I have been treasuring for years.
2. I am deeply in love with my marriage life and I am adoring and enjoying each and every moment of it..
3. I love animated films and Disney princesses. Who doesn't... But I just love them... Even now I enjoy watching Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Shrek, The Little Mermaid, Bolt and so on.
4. My most treasured gift till date is "The complete Harry Potter Collection - Original Series" that Huss dear gifted to me on our first Valentine's day. I haven't read one book out of that in fear of ruining it and it sits proudly in our showcase.
5. I am mad on Hugh Jackman of Wolverine, Johny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean, Karthi of Paruthiveeran and SRK.
6. I love giving surprise gifts to my loved ones most frequently to my Mr.A and my parents.
7. I am an ardent fan of Harry Potter and love all the characters in the series... After the final part of the book and now I am in total respect for Severus Snape.

And thus ends 7 atrociously mad fun facts about me...

Moving on to the passing ceremony of these awards and tag... A very tough job indeed and I really hate this part.
I have to pick only 15 bloggers. Sorry to all the fellow dearies whom I missed out...

Deepa of Hamaree Rasoi
Aruna of Veggie Paradise
Malar of Kitchen Tantra
Aipi of US Masala
Prathima of Prats Corner
Sojo of my culinary experiments
Jay of Tasty Appetite
Savitha of Savitha's Kitchen
Sensible Vegetarian
Krithi of Krithiskitchen
Reshmi of Funwidfud
Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty recipes
Reva of Kaarasaaram
Ayeesha of Taste of Pearl City
Nits of 4th Sense cooking

Friends, please accept the award and tag and pass it on to keep the ball rolling... Please mention 7 facts about you... Would be a great chance to know about you all.

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  1. Congratulations dear on all your awards, thank you so much for remembering me and sharing with me.

  2. Congrats on your award, wishing many more to come.

  3. Congrats again girl.... u deserve it!!!! and thanku so much for remembering me and sharing it with me again!!!!! iam in the 7th heaven and cant believe i get to flaunt so many awards in one post!!!
    and guess what... Ive left an award for u at my space.... what a coincidence!!!! came to leave the message and look wat I found!!!

  4. thanks for your lovey comment dear. you have one beautiful page here too and am a fan of that fig and honey drink. gonna make it soon.

    to receive and send secret ingredient and to be a part of the Arusuvai friendship chain please see this

  5. congrats sweet of you to share with me..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Congratulations! Hope you will receive more in future....

  7. Congrats dear...great to know about you......

  8. Congrats Vimitha on your awards, thanks for sharing it with me.

  9. Congrats dear !!! thanks for sharing with me !!

  10. Congrats on ur award & really sweet of u to pass it on tome :) Thank u..
    Prathima rao
    Prats Corner

  11. Congrats on ur awards dear...

  12. Congrats on ur awards, wishing many more in future, thanks for sharing with me..

  13. Congrats girl!! :)
    interesting read!! :)

  14. Congrats!!!
    Happy to see your awards, I am here for first time a budding blogger.. I am happy following you..

    Do visit me @

  15. Congrats n lots of hugs dear..keep rocking n winning all the awards :)

    US Masala

  16. it's indeed raining award :) Congrats!! you absolutely deserve it and Thank you so much for sharing it with me (((hugs)))

  17. PS: I am Harry Porter fan too and Hugh Jackman and Johny Depp .. SIGH!!!

    It was fun reading about you .. it was almost like I was writing the points .. almost all of the points matched with my thoughts :P

  18. congrats on the well deserved awards!

  19. congrats dear!...wishing u many more...have fun!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  20. Congrats on those bunch of awards, you deserve them...and much more in future. Enjoy blogging...thank you so much for sharing the awards with me, means a lot. It is also great knowing about you...and me too, love animated movies and Popeye show a lot:):)

  21. You deserve all of those lovely awards. Congratulations.

  22. Congratulations and blessing for many more!


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