Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chocolate custard trifle

Hi guys,
I have two apologies to make. First all my apologies for not visiting your recipes. My internet got crashed and I am not able to access the net. I am posting this from my office where they have disabled the Comments option. Damn it. Second for posting this recipe this late. I made this on V day. Sorry for the delay in posting. But this one is fit for any occasion. I am planning to make this when my parents come from my native.

Again MahaShiv rathiri wishes to one and all...

It’s easy to make. Assembly part takes a bit time. But it’s worth the effort. You can be creative. Add whatever you feel or rave for.

~* Ingredients *~
For the trifle
Dark chocolate cake – 1 piece
Chocolate custard – 1 cup
Semi sweet Chocolate chips – 2 tablespoons
Kellogs Chocos – 1 packet (I used the 10 Rs. packet)
Chocolate sauce – as needed (I added loads as I needed the trifle to be rich)

For the flowing chocolate custard
Unsweetened Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons
(Again this depends how chocoholic you are)
Custard powder – 1 tablespoon
Milk – 1 ¼ cups
Sugar – 2 tablespoons

Shot glasses or 1 juice cup

The Making
Of the custard:
Mix the custard powder and cocoa powder in the milk without any lumps
Heat the rest of the milk and add sugar. Allow the sugar to dissolve.
When the milk come to a boil, add the custard powder & cocoa mixture to the milk. Keep on stirring.
Heat for only 2 -3 mins after adding the mixture.
Turn off the flame and allow to cool

Of the trifle:
Crumble the chocolate cake with your hands. I used the leftovers of chocolate moist cake.
Layer the glasses with chocolate cake crumbs. (About ½ inch thickness. This depends on your glass)

Pour the chocolate custard such that it soaks all the cake.
Dump/drizzle the chocolate sauce as you wish.
Sprinkle the chocolate chips and the chocos.
Do the above steps in that order till you reach the top of the glass.
The finishing layer should be chocolate custard.
Serve chill.

It was absolutely yummy and chocolaty and we loved it. The chocos in between the cakes once soaked by the custard were soggy and chewy while the ones on the top layer were crunchy. I loved the texture on the whole.

The bigger version was for MR. and the smaller cup was for MRs. You see am on diet.

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