Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple Caramel Custard

My dad used to make this dessert often but without the caramel when we were residing in the Gulf. I still remember our fridge which would be stocked with an array of pudding cups filled with the delicious custards. So when I asked my dad to make pudding when he came to Chennai this time, he got store bought custard powder and whipped this in minutes. Since then the custard powder is remaining idle in my fridge. Last weekend during my cleaning session, I saw the packet and checked the expiry date. Only a few months were left and I was thinking to ask my dad to make this dessert when he comes here.

Yesterday huss asked me to make some dessert and I grabbed this packet. So rather than making a simple pudding, I just topped it off with caramel. The result, It was too good and I have been asked to make this again. But yeah, I am looking for another topping. So onto the recipe.

Milk - 1 1/4 cups
Sugar - 3 tablespoons
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Custard powder - 2 tbsp

For the caramel
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Water -1 tbsp

Ramekins - 3

The Making:
Lets make the caramel first.
In a pan, add the sugar and water and rotate the pan without stirring. After few mins, the mixture will start to boil and brown. Keep on rotating. The entire the liquid will start to turn a golden brown color. When the desired color is attained, off the stove and pour the caramel into ramekins before it starts to harden. Be careful. Donot touch the caramel as ur skin may get burnt. If touched, place ur skin under flowing cool water.

Now to the custard. Take some milk from the mentioned quantity and mix the custard powder without forming any lumps. Bring the sugar and milk to boil and add the custard liquid. Stir for 3 mins. The custard will start to thicken. Remove the pan.

Pour the mixture into the ramekins. Allow it to cool to room temperature. When done, refrigerate atleast for 8 hrs or firm in the sides and wobbly in the centre.

When serving, turn it on a plate and top it with fruits/ chocolate sprinkles or anything of ur choice. Caramel custards are delicious on their own also...

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  1. Oh my gosh. that looks incredible! You totally nailed it..the texture has come out super PERFECT!!

    US Masala

  2. That looks awesome, as Aipi said it is perfect.

  3. I love this.. simple and delicious... And thanks for cautioning on what not to do with the caramel..really useful for curious ones like me :D

  4. it looks perfect and too good!..I love it!

  5. Looks very tempting and perfect !!!

  6. caramel custard looks delicious and perfect.

  7. Looks absolutely delicious! This is one of my favorite desserts :)

  8. with custard powder in it looks delicious

  9. Thank for dropping in by at my space, you too hav got a good collections here, happy following you too!

  10. Lovely dessert and looks delicious...

  11. That custard looks absolutely delish. It's my favorite dessert!

  12. Looks sinfully delicious!yUmmm!

  13. Absolutely delicious looking custard, looks so yummy. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  14. Simple yet delicious one..Love it..
    Thanks for sharing this

  15. That custard reminds me of my mother in law. She often served us dishes of the yummy sweet when we would visit her.

  16. Looks very delicious and tempting

  17. looks perfect....and sinfully tempting....


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