Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dates Kheer ~ for his birthday | Low fat

It's my sweetheart's birthday today and its his first birthday after venturing into fatherhood. More responsibilities and hence he didn't even start talking about the celebrations. We knew that we couldn't have the celebrational eat-out what with the kid and being in a a small town. But the day is always special to me and I couldn't let go as such.

Why should I when I can cook and bake to some extent now??? I couldn't bake and frost a cake for him as the kid takes up most of the time these days and so ordered a chocolate buttercream cake for him and narrowed down on the birthday menu.

He came down to spend 3 days with us and I pampered him with his favorites on all the three days. He is an ardent fan of anything deep fried and paneer being one of his favorites, I didn't give a second thought on incorporating paneer in all the dishes. So the meal was paneer mixed veg biryani, Paneer fingers, crispy fried garlic prawns and noodles cutlet (recipes to come)... and we finished with this thick and delicious dates kheer.

Dates puree in thickened milk topped with ghee roasted almonds and no added sugar

~*What U Need*~

Dates - 12
Almonds - 8
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1 1/2 + 1/2 cup
Cardamom - 1

How I Made it:
Soak the dates in the half cup of warm milk for half an hour. Once soft, grind this to a smooth paste.
Chop the almonds finely. In a heavy bottomed vessel, heat ghee, add the chopped almonds and saute till brown. To this add the remaining milk and reduce it to 1 cup.

Add the dates puree and crushed cardamom, allow to boil. Turn off the heat. Serve chilled topped with slivered almonds.

So thats it Folks...
With Love,

Signs off!!!

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  1. Wow! looks divine,creamy and rich payasam

  2. very creamy and delicious kheer..

  3. wow, can i have some of this kheer pls?

  4. Date Kheer looks delicious. With new born it is better to make easy desserts.

  5. Yummy Kheer! Happy B'day to your Hubby :)


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  6. Healthy,so creamy and delicious..loved this date kheer!

  7. Delicious kheer and healthier version.

  8. Hi Vimitha, so happy to be following your blog, as well, and thanks so much!
    Love your delicious and creamy dates kheer...not such a bad idea to order a beautiful B-Day cake, even without a newborn child, or at any age. Happy Birthday to your hubby, and congrats on the birth of your new baby. (not know how old, since I just started to follow you)
    Love your blog, and will be happy to keep up with your latest post:D

    1. Hi Elisabeth, Thanks for your lovely comment... My baby is 2 months old...

  9. Very delicious kheer,thick and divine!!
    Belated birthday wishes to your hubby!!

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  10. My husband loves date. I should try this out sometime.

  11. Hi Vimitha


    looks divine,creamy and rich payasam !!!

    Keep on Vimitha:))))

  12. Love the Kheer and Tumblers.. :-)

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  13. Great kheer..never thought of adding dates before!

  14. Happy Birthday to your husband! I think he is a lucky man being so well pampered by all your delicious food :D

  15. love the kheer and the glasses :))

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  16. Looks super delicious, belated wishes to your Husband.

  17. Belated birthday wishes to your husband....He really got a paneer treat...Lovely kheer...am doing to try this soon

  18. Vimitha, Have been away for a while. So first congrats on the birth of Baby A. And happy birthday to your husband. Nice twist to Kheer.

  19. never thought of a dates kheer.. very healthy and yummy... belated wishes to your husband
    Noel collections

  20. Belated birthday wishes to ur H,wat a healthy and super tempting kheer.

  21. kheer looks very delicious. I love those glasses.

  22. convey my wishes to him...nice and healthy drink

  23. Nice recipe and nice post. Thanks for visiting Square Meals.


  24. Lovely or should I say loving post, delicious kheer..

  25. Perfect Kheer for celebrating your dearest's bday..looks delicious!


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